Kat is a native "Texican" (Texas + Mexican-American). Originally from South Texas, Kat is proud to be a Mexican-American-British actress living and working in Great Britain. As the only girl of four, she spent her childhood learning how to shoot cans with a BB gun, in a dress & pigtails, and dominate at Mario Kart N64. She says, "Really.  Try me.  I'm pretty good."

Kat graduated high school as Student Body President and as a three time Texas All-State Choir Member with the support of her dedicated Choir Director, David B. Custer.

Kat then earned an academic & talent scholarship from Oklahoma City University and went on to complete her Bachelors of Music degree. Whilst at OKCU, she was the Undergraduate Assistant to the Director of Opera/Music Theater, Dr. David Herendeen. Kat studied with Larry Keller, Jan McDaniel, Dr. Dennis Schneider, & Jonathan Beck-Reed. Kat played Clara, in SIGNOR DELUSO, and Isabella, in PIRATES OF PENZANCE. 

Upon graduating from Oklahoma City University, she spent 7 months as an exchange student in London, travelling Europe, and performing in her first professional gig as the Angel Gabriel in CHRISTMAS TIMES.

Kat then returned to Texas and spent her fourth summer as a camp counsellor, where she would fall in love with a charming Northerner. She spent the next three years teaching as a Middle School Choir Director and spending her holidays abroad. After marrying this charming Northerner, she moved to England.

Kat started her career in England as a busker in the Newcastle-Upon-Tyne underground. No stranger to the theatre, she then went on to play Tracy Turnblad, in HAIRSPRAY, and Nellie Forbush, in SOUTH PACIFIC,  at the Darlington Hippodrome. Another accomplishment was booking her first TV gig as a Santa Phobic for ABC Family International.

Kat has also recorded voice-overs for DISNEY, UNILEVER, 20th CENTURY FOX, and UNASYS.

Kat is currently studying with Scott Williams, Meisner practitioner of The Impulse Company as well as Jane Streeton and Philip Raymond, authors of "Singing On Stage: The Actor's Guide".

Check out her YouTube channel (Katwoman) where she shares weekly videos of singing, travelling, reviews, and adventures with her pug. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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