My *SUPER EPIC* Birthday Cake

Saturday, 1 March 2014

It's my birthday! Yep. I've hit the last year of my 20s. Give me a moment to compose myself a bit.

Watch this... [I'm going to be 40 from "When Harry Met Sally"]

You don't know it, but that was me this morning. Ha! No, but it was me last year! Just ask John. (sigh) Yep. You're sitting there, reading this thinking "Kat! You crazy woman! 30 is the new 20!" Thanks. It is crazy. I'm determined to spend the rest of my birthday's like it's my 7th birthday, because let's be real here, who didn't love their 7th birthday? Cake. Friends & family. Maybe even a piƱata filled with lots of candy! (So Mexican, I know! Don't you love it?!) Gosh. I was beginning to think that I really was dreading turning another year older, but you know what I realized it actually was? My family. I miss my family. Don't, don't, get me wrong. I absolutely love John and I love his family, they've welcomed me into their lives from the moment I met them! They're absolutely w o n d e r f u l! I couldn't have dreamed of a better addition of people to my life. But, I think it just makes me miss my family in Texas. As silly and as annoying as they are, they're really the ones that made birthday's feel so special. Aren't they?

I remember every year my mom used to ask us what kind of cake we wanted for our birthday. Like it was this amazing thing we got to have, our own choice in choosing the cake flavors. I always got chocolate with vanilla frosting; my little brother would always get an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen; and my other two brothers would get chocolate on chocolate. Or at least that's how I remember it. And then, with-out fail, the following morning when you're really excited to have birthday cake for breakfast, we'd arrive at the cake to see that all of the frosting had been eaten off the cake! My mom, the guilty culprit, would eat the frosting from the cake before we even had a chance to wake up! I mean, it is the best part. (sigh) Family.

So, in honor of 7 year old me, I made this super epic cake. It has three layers. It's vanilla with vanilla frosting and sprinkles. I'm so proud of it. It's so hard to find a vanilla cake I like here. So, I made one. I am so anxious for John to come home so we can totally dig in! Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum-yum-yummmmm. For now, let's enjoy pictures of it.

Mmmmmmmmm cake.

PS. Did you notice my new header? :)

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