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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

I was doing some shopping when I realised, all of my favourite beauty products contain one beautiful ingredient: ROSES! I knew I instantly wanted to share them with you! I hope you'll enjoy them too! I particularly love my Chanel blush, it's definitely worth the price and has already lasted over a year! More so, there's something utterly romantic about my Chloé parfum. I had originally purchased it for my mother many years ago, because she loves the smell of roses, but have found myself so in love with it! I'm asking my husband for the BYTERRY lip balm AND the Neal's Yard beauty balm this Christmas as a stocking stuffer. And, finally, I had to tell you about my friend Helen, of Bels Flowers, who is the master of gorgeous floral arrangements. I should really start calling her, "The Queen of Roses" because she's magnificent at arranging them. Oh, what a truly, wonderful flower that certainly cannot be tamed! - Kat Flynn 

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