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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

There were so many amazing programs this year! That and a combination that I discovered some incredible TV programs this year. In true Kat fashion, here are the round-ups followed by my commentary as to why they're so awesome! There are so many more, but John & I chose are top 8 for each category. ENJOY! Photo credits: The Guardian- Camerique/Archive Photos/Hulton Archive.

Sherlock: Woah baby. Perhaps one of my favorite "bromances" ever. Can I just say- Benedict Cumberbatch in those curls? Charming. On a serious note though, the story lines, the cinematography, the actors are all incredible. My favorite episode, by far, has to be the wedding episode. A drunken Sherlock? Hilaaaaarious.

Happy Valley: There has to be nothing more charming than a Yorkshire boy. After all, I married one. This will make you cringe & yell at the television, or maybe that was just me! Led by a fierce female police sargeant, played by Sarah Lancashire, you'll be on the edge of your seat in every episode whilst wanting to just call her up and tell her what's going on!

Game of Thrones: I do not consider this to be English OR British by any means. I consider it to be an American drama with British actors, but John said, "All the actors are British. It's filmed in Northern Ireland (which is part of the UK). It's British." I'm still not sold. Nonetheless, it's on my list because it's the BOSS of my favorite style: medieval fantasy. I mean it- THE BOSS.

Law & Order:UK: Soooo many weekends, back in the states, watching Law & Order marathons on USA (the channel, not the country). When I moved here and saw that there was a UK version, I was pretty thrilled. It does not disappoint. At all. Bradley Walsh, who I knew as the game host for The Chase, is indeed a lovable Detective Sergeant. I'm sad to hear the series might be ending.

Call the Midwife: I started watching this series at the second season, but it's such a wonderful show that makes me so proud to be a fearless female! It's set post-WW2, so it's a period drama. The cinematography is beautiful too. Really soft colors & gorgeous sets. Beautiful clothing. Beautiful actors. It's an overall beautiful show. Oh! And the babies they use in the show are real newborns. What a show.

Broadchurch: This is supposed to be re-created and re-cast for an American audience, but it's brilliant the way it is with the British actors and storyline. Absolutely brilliant. John & I watched it together and both agreed how nice it is to watch a television program where everyone looks so normal.

Luther: I didn't get into this show right away. John did. But it took me a few episodes to really get into it. Ruth Wilson is wonderful in this! I absolutely love her character. As much as I like Idris Elba, it's Ruth Wilson who kept me watching this show. Beware: the suspense in this show will itch at your ribcage!

Downton Abbey: What really makes this show one of my faves is that it's a period drama from the post-Edwardian era. Maggie Smith. That's all you really need to know about this show to start watching.

Miranda: This another series I joined later on. It took me a while to understand the humor in it, I must admit. But I am hooked! Miranda, who also stars in Call the Midwife, reminds me of myself in high school. A little silly. A little fun. A lot of fun, actually! Ha! Miranda has said the series will be coming to an end soon. Bummer!

Moone Boy: A young boy (David Rawle) and his imaginary friend (Chris O'Dowd, the police officer in Bridesmaids). It's such a sweet show because it's from the point-of-view of this young Irish boy. My favorite episode has got to be from the first season, "Godfellas". Martin, the boy, wants to be an altar boy. It's so funny! "Do something Martin!"

Gavin & Stacey: John & I binged watch this series. You'll watch it and then realize that Smithy, played by James Corden, is a Tony award winner. The kid's got talent, but he's Smithy! The Christmas special is still one of my faves.

Siblings: I found this show looking for something to watch on the "Catch Up Tv" on Sky. Charlotte Ritchie & Tom Stourton play the siblings. It's a funny watch, especially because of how ridiculous they're being most of the time.

The Office: Not to be confused with the US series, this one came first. It's made the list because of the David Brent dance, played by Ricky Gervais.

The Inbetweeners: Oh my gosh! John definitely got me into this show! I used to watch it on BBC America. It's better here. No beeps over the rude words! Haha. Centered around four teenage boys, the scenarios they find themselves in. Not safe for work!

Derek: Another Ricky Gervais production. He's so good at finding amusement and heart in different settings. This show is centered around a care home, led by the views of Derek, one of the care takers. You finish each show just wanting to do more good in the world. Brilliantly done Mr. Gervais.

Doll & Em: Emily Mortimer has to be one of the cutest English actresses ever. Her best friend, Dolly Wells, leaves London to escape from a break-up and moves to LA to become Emily's assistant. They're BFF's in real life! Such a sweet show.

The Graham Norton Show: I know for a fact this is show on BBC America. OMG, Graham Norton is so funny! I don't mind staying in on a Friday night because I get to hang out this lot! I also really like how all the guests come out at the same time. If you get a good bunch, it makes for a great show. Not to mention the red chair at the end of every episode.

An Idiot Abroad: Another Ricky Gervais! He's good! What can I say? I introduced my Mom to this show. Not sure what channel it's shown on in the US, but she loved it. At the expense of Karl Pilkington, of course. It's basically a travel show, or "the ultimate bucket list" as Stephen Merchant & Ricky Gervais sold it. It's not made easy for poor Karl. What a guy.

The £100k House:Tricks of the Trade: John & I really liked this show. It's tied to The House that £100k Built, and shares tricks & ideas to remodel your home in creative and clever ways on a budget. And sometimes it was like building a new room with £2,ooo. Led by writer & broadcaster of architecture and design, Kieran Long, and architect, Piers Taylor, this show was pretty genius.

The X-Factor: This show makes the list because ever since moving here, I've yet to miss a season! It's all the glitz that comes with this show, I'll admit it. Oh and Dermot O'Leary. He's nice too.

The Great British Bake Off: Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood with Mel & Sue as hosts?! Let the fun begin! I love, love, LOVE this show. It really makes you want to get baking and challenge yourself to try new recipes. It's such a great show.

Pointless: Probably my favorite British game show, ever. It's pretty much the only one I'll make it a point to watch. The overall aim of the show is to try and guess an obscure answer. Basically the opposite of most game shows. You need to think of answers that 100 people couldn't think of. It's brilliant!

I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!: Another show I never watched until I met John.  Ant & Dec make this show. You can't beat a comedic duo. The duo and all of those challenges the celebs have to do. Yikes! I mean, YIKES! It's on everyday for 3 weeks just before the holidays, so just when the days are feeling shorter, it's such a ray of sunshine. You'll miss it when it's over.

Let's do Lunch with Gino & Mel: Gino D'Acampo! He's such a ham. Actually, he's Italian, so he's such a prosciutto! John & I first liked from I'm a Celebrity. He won that show! It's shown mid-day, but some of the things Gino does & says. What a prosciutto!


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