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Thursday, 8 January 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS!! It's going to be a wonderful new year! I can tell. I slept through it. Ha! I've never, in my life, slept through new year's eve. I've only slept through it this year because of- jet lag. Bummer, right? John & I tried to stay up, we did. We made it to 11 o'clock. Just one more hour and we would've done it. But after traveling for about 24 hours and then staying up until midnight, it was just too much. So, with one hour left until the new year, we went to bed.

Righty-o, so let's continue with the round ups. This time, we're talking about magazines, well, fashion magazines. These aren't all of what exists out there, but they're the one's I find myself buying the most. Oh! And Vanity Fair. But, it didn't make the photo because the title was mid-way down the spine. C'mon Vanity Fair!

I bought my iPad mini with the intention of, "Oh, I'm going to read magazines on here and books!" I tried it. The truth is, I really like physically turning every page. I like the sound it makes. I like putting it away in my tote and letting people see what I'm reading OR, alternatively, see what they are reading. It's how I find new reading material, not just magazines. So, for as long as they are around, I will always buy them.

Ok. So, here goes-

Popular culture, fashion, and current affairs. 
One name, two words, lots of controversy: Annie Leibovitz. Originated in the US. I love the politics & fashion of VF. It's why I love to read it. When I was living in London, I went to the VF photography exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery. Beautiful, beautiful stuff. I think it's when I realized I really enjoyed photography. I especially like THIS photo.

Fashion in the context of culture and the world we live in.
I love this magazine! It's visually stimulating. In fact, almost all of these magazines are visually stimulating. Vogue originated in the US too, did you know that? I always thought it was French. But nope. It's American.

Thinking Fashion
Another US publication. Did you know that? It didn't arrive in the UK until the 70's. Well, I'm glad it did. It's another good one. Great articles. Great visual stimuli. I love this magazine.

Think Smart, Look Amazing
French. Finally, we're getting closer. This is probably the one magazine I buy the most. Every year I'm like, "Christmas. Subscription. Gift. Yes. No. Birthday. No. Oo, lip gloss!" I love the articles that discuss female issues that are happening around the globe. Not to mention the fashion shared is usually pretty affordable, well for me.

The oldest and best magazine in the entire world. Ever. Funny, clever, beautiful and cool: we're your NBF.
Aha! British. Probably the only 'zine I should be talking about because, well, it's goes with the theme of my blog. I had seen this magazine on the shelf for months and months. I particularly remember the cover with the corgi and the the cover with baby prince. It wasn't until this BBC Documentary special that I decided to give this magazine a go. I love the writing style. I'm hoping that if I read it enough, it'll rub off on me. Well, you never know.

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