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Thursday, 6 May 2021

It was the summer of 2019 and I just finished watching "War on Plastic with Hugh & Anita" and was completely shocked at the idea of micro-plastics, but really plastic consumption in general. 

In the show Hugh and Anita visit families and ask them to look around their home for all single use plastics- plastic containers you'd only use once and then recycle. The look of surprise on faces at how much we have come to depend on single use plastics. 

I encourage you to take a look around your house. I found it mainly to be around the following: 

• Kitchen
• Cleaning
• Beauty Products!!
• Bathroom
• Food 

That's like EVERYTHING we depend on! I am totally guilty of the beauty products, in fact as I continue this Living Sustainably series, you'll see it's where I've struggled the most. 

So let's talk TABITHA EVE. 

The kitchen was the first place I started to look for change when leaving plastics. In particular, sponges. I was guilty of buying those 20 packs of sponges for £2. You know them- they last like a few uses and then have to go in the bin. I bought my first None Sponge in August 2019 and have been using it daily ever since. Here's what my sponge looks like now: 

Beautifully frayed, but still fighting! I'll probably keep using it until it really starts to fall apart. I think it's still got some life in yet. 

Another change I made was with the kitchen towels. In fact, now it feels totally weird to use them anymore. 

They have got to be the best thing ever, seriously. All of these products just get thrown into a towel wash, which I'm already doing with bathroom towels and tea towels so it's not really that difficult to maintain. And they last SO MUCH LONGER! 

I'll save the make up pads for a beauty post, but another smart move was switching to washable cotton pads. Huge, HUGE fan. 

Take a look around the Tabitha Eve site and see if there's anything YOU could change to help live a more sustainable life. 


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