The Cutest Jumpers Ever

Friday, 4 December 2015

OMG, I love a good jumper! (That's British for sweater. *wink, wink*) In this case, sweatshirt. Wear it with a popped up collar underneath and you've got one sweet little casual outfit. Honestly, sooooo comfy. I've totally asked for the "Joyeux Narwhal" one for Christmas. BTW...

did you know that a narwhal is a unicorn OF THE SEA?????

I just found yesterday. swim on little narwhal. Keep on swimmin'! I really, really want a Wildfox jumper, but they're like really expensive. But, I think these are just as cute! Don't you??Anyhoo- enjoy & get yourself comfy, 21 days until Christmas!! Yip, yip! 



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