When in Rome

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Ciao!! WOW! It's been AGES hasn't it?! Gosh, John has NOT let me forget it. I've started guest writing on another blog, THE CRAZYTOWN BLOG, (check it out!) and well, I totally abandoned my own blog! But fret not! I have returned! (You're welcome Claudia...and John!) But, THANK YOU!! Thanks for visiting & thanks for reading!

NOW, are you ready for the prettiness that is ROMA?! I'm quite proud of these little guys. I've improved! Lol. Here's hoping I get a 35mm. (hint, hint) I must say, I spent the entire time being like

"Oo! This looks old! Should I take a picture? I'll take a picture."

It honestly felt like I jumped into a fashion magazine. And the wine! OH THE WINE! €3.50 for a half litre?! UMMMM...YES PLEASE! I've never had so much wine in my life! It was great. Anyhoo- enjoy! :)

This is John's "I'M SO OVER IT" face. I asked him to pose with that ice cream only to not use any of them, apart from this one. Haha! What a great guy. 




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