3 Reasons Ultrasun is the Best Sunscreen

Wednesday, 22 June 2022

*Disclaimer: This is NOT an Ad. I just really love this product.*

It's been four years since I made *this video* and, equally in those four years, Ultrasun has seen me through all of my holidays abroad, sunniest days at home, & every day. I am still a huge fan of this sunscreen and continue to recommend it, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

Here are my top 3 reasons why: 

1. You only apply it once.  

Unless you're doing lots of swimming or sweating, it only needs to be applied once! Which is really nice. Especially because there have definitely been times were I would be out and about, sunbathing or whatever, and I'd forget to reapply. Of course I wouldn't realise this until that evening when my skin would hurt and then bam- I got burned. Did you know that having 5 or more sunburns doubles your risk of melanoma?* 

2. It's recommended by beauty expert Caroline Hirons. 

If you don't live in the U.K. or watch This Morning you might be saying to yourself, "Who?" But hear me out- this woman lives skin care. Her whole career has been centred around your skin. Two years ago she recommended Ultrasun's Face Anti-Ageing  & Anti-Pigmentation as one of the only product she stands by, especially if you suffer from pigmentation and melasma.* And while I don't think I suffer from either of those, I'm all for prevention! That makes me happy as a clam. 

3. It's biodegradable which means, it's eco-system friendly!

The more we learn about the human impact on the planet, but more imperative it is that we learn to protect it. And let's be real here- we're not helping ourselves. So when I came across a post on Instagram about coral reef safe sunscreens, I quickly turned to Google to see if Ultrasun made the list. And it did! One year ago it was accredited with the BASF EcoSun Pass.* In short, it won't harm plants and animals both on land and sea or disrupt our hormones. 

I use the face SPF on a daily basis, because I personally feel it gives my pale freckly skin the best coverage compared to others I've tried. Whichever sunscreen you go for, I sincerely hope you're using it on your face daily too. Even in the winter. Prevention is better than a cure!

Have you got a favourite sunscreen? Head on over to my Instagram & let me know your faves! Or watch my YouTube video to learn how I discovered Ultrasun. 

Links to back up my info. 👇🏽

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