Fluff Trough Unboxing + Review

Thursday, 21 July 2022

One of my many delights is watching my pug eat food. He LOVES to eat. He has such an appetite for life! So when he started having health issues as a puppy, the vet suggested we raise his bowl to aid with his digestion. 

Flash forward to last years lockdown, I was extremely delighted the Fluff Trough popped up on my Instagram feed because it was so perfect! 

Check out my video where I unbox + share why it's so important to get this trough for your flat-nosed pet. 

Helpful Links: 

Fluff Trough: https://www.flufftrough.com
Fluff Trough UK Retailer: https://pawtion.co.uk

Also, pretty sure Louie couldn't believe I was feeding him so much! 


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