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Wednesday, 27 July 2022

*Disclaimer: not an AD, just a fan*

It's no secret that the experience of the past two years was challenging. As a creative, I particularly found it very numbing. What I learned about myself was that when faced with a traumatic situation, I freeze. My fight or flight response isn't either- it's to freeze. So that's exactly how I handled the pandemic- frozen. Numb. Trying not to feel anything so that I could try and process everything. 

This is where I was extremely grateful for Meraki Mailouts. I've been following their Instagram page for a while now and was inspired by the encouragement to engage in creative play and forget about the result. Just play! I used their journal prompts as an exercise in my own journalling, just so I wouldn't have to think. Like a sheep to the shepherd, I followed. You know what happened? 

I was liberated

I couldn't believe the feeling of change that was happening within me. I was starting to feel like me again. Little by little I was able to feel again. It's making me emotional now, because I couldn't believe the power of creativity. That's why I think this little box is so important- it encourages creativity through your senses.  

I'm so impressed

Each box comes with a theme featuring products that are sustainable and from UK independent businesses.  This month's theme is- 


Loud, bold, & fiery to really get your brain and spirit running and raring to go for the year. 

Here are the contents: 

Lip Treat from Evolve, based in a small studio in Hertfordshire, England. Enjoyed by experiencing the joyful everyday moments with uplifting scents. 

Happiness Shower Steamer from Posh Brats, a Cheshire based handmade artisan bath, body, and skincare brand. Enjoyed in the shower or bath with a happy blend of oils to help bring out a brighter, "happy-go-lucky", carefree you.

Pukka Teas, nurturing healthier, happier lives through powerful organic plants. This is a blissful dip in a pool of calm. 

Mitmita Spice from "Ethiopian Foodie", a blog created by Helen celebrating the flavours and ingredients of Ethiopian cuisine. A recipe for spiced oats was included. 

Paper Tape from Naturally Wrapt, eco-friendly alternatives to gift wrapping. I'm personally a huge fan!

Golden Turmeric from Wunder Workshop, Consumption with Purpose®. The colour is stunning! Best enjoyed in a warming cup of "Golden Milk", magical and healing.  

Candle Starter Kit from Nikura, a London based essential oils company who provide pure & natural oils. This is meant to be enjoyed using that bit at the end of a candles life by repurposing and transforming it. Did you know you could do that? I learned that from Meraki. 

And a little playlist to enjoy whilst you unbox! LOVE! 

And now for the filmed unboxing! 


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