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Monday, 18 July 2022

So you want to know the secret to healthier nails? Cuticle oil. Yep, that's it. 

A good quality cuticle oil applied daily will give you the following benefits: 

*Strengthen & help prevent weak nails*

*Stimulate healthy growth*

*Soften & condition the cuticle area*

*Repair, protect, & moisturise dry skin*

Here are a three of my faves: 

Argan Oil by Arganic
I used this a lot over lockdown when I was obsessively washing my hands. It came in my nail goodies kit from Shoreditch Nails and I was amazed at how strong it made my nails. It's also a female-owned business. LOTS of wins for me. 

Cuticle Balm by Navy
The smell of this balm is incredible. Another female-owned business, in fact, two! The woman who makes the balm, AND the Navy company, is run by women. Louie, my dog, also loves this balm. He tends to lick it off my nails.  What I like most about it, besides the smell, is that it perfectly fits in my desk drawer. I use it during work breaks. *Warning* it does not do well in hot weather.

Peach Cuticle Oil Pen by Paint By Jaz
Jaz is a nail artist, salon owner, & entrepreneur. I found her on Instagram and just really love her whole vibe. One day she posted that she was selling these cuticle pens. Having seen them all over IG, I bought one. The best thing about this pen? It fits in my purse! I take it with me on days out, holiday trips abroad, when I'm walking the dog, anywhere! It's mega handy. I also read somewhere they can be refilled, but I've yet to try it.

Here's a video with more tips to improve your at-home manicure- 

Until next time!

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