A Day Out in Amsterdam

Monday, 15 August 2022

Ya know something- Covid was interesting. On one hand, I enjoyed the simplicity of it all- stay home. Which involved eating, sleeping, doing puzzles, and making sure I bathed. Kind of like a little baby. 

On the other hand, it increased this desire to tick off cities from my Travel Bucket List, which sits proudly on my fridge. One of those cities- 


Also known as "The City of Fun". Actually, I don't know if that's true, that's just what I coined it because I had so much of it. Oh, but here's what I do know (now)- 

• Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands

• People from the Netherlands are also called "Dutch" (which up until the trip confused it with Danish)

• Holland is a region within the Netherlands

Europe, eh?

Truth be told- this day out was really more like 2.5 days, but for editing + YouTube purposes, it's better sold as a day out and could probably be done in a day, but you'd be reaaaaaally tired. So why do that to yourself? Relaaaax. Take your time and do it over a couple of days. 


Gebroeders Niemeijer - Artisanal French Bakery

You know it's good when the bread makes a little crunch.  Watch the video below to see how I mean. 

WONDR Experience - experience the art of play

I would 100% return just to go to this place. I've never had so much fun in my post-covid life! 

The Avocado Show

Delicious! Pricey, I mean it's avocados in a country where they don't really grow, but delicious!


We went to see Van Gogh's self-portrait- it was in London.  So here's a photo of me in the oldest library in the Netherlands. 

Rudi's Original Stroopwafel

If you're a fan of the Starbucks ones, then head over to this place. But if you're like me and love cake, skip it and visit a pancake cafe! Now that's my jam! 

Kind of like these places-

Moak Pancakes 

Sugar-free pancakes that actually taste nice. 

Pancakes Amsterdam

I don't know- it feels more like a crepe. But you didn't hear it from me!

Enjoy the vlog! 


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