Better Hair Days - You suggested it, I tried it!

Monday, 22 August 2022

A couple of months ago I asked for your favourite bathroom products and got the following responses: 

@minapadinske I love the ouai shampoo/conditioner!

@juliejcp1 I'm currently experimenting with different shampoos! I just bought Maui because it smells good and it's pink. 

@johnflynn101 The scalp massager from @wearecentred

So, I used my points from Space NK and bought a Ouai travel sized shampoo; added the Maui to my online grocery order; and because I'm married to @johnflynn101 that was easy, I just borrowed his scalp massager.  

I've really been struggling with shampoos lately. After 3 years of making my way through plastic-free versions and having zero success, I was looking forward to trying what my IG friends have been using. 

Here's the one liner review: 

OUAI (UK + US) - luxury shampoo, and smells it,  plus left my hair really clean

MAUI (UK + US) - smells like you're on holiday and leaves my hair soft & hydrated

CENTRED (UK) - great little massager, especially after a stressful day this feels like a treat

Thanks everyone for your suggestions!! If you've got one I should try, reach me on IG- @thekatlozano 

Until next time!

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