British Corner Shop Snacks with Grace

Wednesday, 24 August 2022

Nobody has seen you look worse than the corner shop near your house.

I read that one day scrolling through the socials. Isn't it the truth though?? Sometimes I'll walk in with- no make up, unwashed hair, possibly unbrushed teeth, my old sweats, and possibly feeling like death. This was the beauty of face masks- it hid all.  

In this post, featuring my friend, Grace, I am introduced to some of the classic snacks & treats you'd get as a kid in your local corner shop. Ya know, 'when your parents gave you 5p and you could get a whole Freddo, but now it's like 25p because, well, inflation.' Every Brit, and I mean EVERY BRIT has told me this story. 

A bit of background about our friendship. We met doing shows with the Darlington Operatic Society about seven years ago and have been friends ever since. Grace is a butterfly friend. You know, the kind of friend who will come into your life, flutter about for a bit, then leave. I like butterfly friends. There's no pressure there but the vibes are always solid. 


Space Raiders 
Giant Parma Violets
Dairy Milk Freddo
Double Dip
Rainbow Drops
Ben Shaws Dandelion & Burdock


Let me know what your favourites are in the comments! 


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