Investing in Your Wardrobe - The Burberry Trench Coat

Monday, 8 August 2022

LET'S TALK ABOUT INVESTING IN YOUR WARDROBE. I used to be the kind of person who impulse bought. Quite badly, actually. It got so bad that I had clothes in my wardrobe that were never worn and still had the price tag on them! Then I moved to the U.K. and didn't work for a good couple of years. The impulse buying definitely came to a halt. But the upside is that it taught me how to invest in pieces.

When it comes to investing in your wardrobe, the pieces need to work very hard. Therefore for me it must meet the following criteria:

- Well made using high quality and well sourced materials.

- Well tailored.

- A versatile colour. 

- A good price-performance ratio. (ie. if it costs £1000 and I use it for 10 years, it cost me £100 a year.)

- It can be used for more than one season, occasion, and/or event.

- When wearing it, I feel empowered. 

For me, this Burberry Trench does it all. 


I'm not even kidding. Whether I'm popping out to pick up some milk, getting out of the gym, or meeting friends for brunch- I feel amazing. 

I've had this coat for 4 years now and it has seen me through everything. It's the perfect light jacket for when I visit my family in South Texas during the winter. It's perfect for the English springs & autumns. It's even perfect just for a little photoshoot in your living room! (Is this becoming my thing?)


I was on Pinterest one day and came across THIS BLOG POST. If you're interested in reading, what I think is an amazing review, then I highly suggest you read it. Also, if you'd like to watch my unboxing video from 4 years ago, you can also WATCH THAT HERE

Until next time!

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