Your Favourite (British) Ice Lollies

Wednesday, 21 September 2022

A few weeks ago I asked my instapals for their ice lolly favourites and peeps actually responded! Which naturally made my day but also thanks to them, I got to try some new flavours I've never heard of before. 

So thanks to Jo, Jade, Mookie, Megan, John, Noah, Angela, Jazzzzzzz, Hang, Hannah, Jaz, Mina, & Steve here's the line up: 


Nobby Bobbly: Strawberry flavoured ice cream and chocolate flavour ice cream centre with chocolate favour coating and sugar balls

Milk Choc Ice: Ice cream covered with a thin layer of chocolate

Fab: Strawberry fruit ice and cream with the top portion dipped in chocolate and coated with sugar strands

Solero: Vanilla ice cream with an exotic fruit (peach, passion fruit, mango, & pineapple) sorbet swirl and coating

Cornetto Classic: Crispy-baked wafer cone, coated inside from top to bottom with a chocolatey layer, combined with smooth flavour ice cream and topped with hazelnuts

Calippo: Orange fruit ice & lemon-lime fruit ice

Twister: Twister ice cream sticks made from mango, strawberry, and vanilla ice

Feast: Chocolate flavoured ice cream wrapped in a chocolatey coating and biscuit pieces with a solid chocolate centre

Watch the video for the full experience! 

Happy last day of summer!!! 


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