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Monday, 5 September 2022

Photo by Kirsty TG on Unsplash

It was 2013. We were living in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. And it was raining. I was volunteering at the Cancer Research UK Charity Shop at the time with a few older women. Like in their 80s older. One of them said "Ooh, here comes autumn. When it starts to rain constantly, that's when you know summer is over." She's never been wrong. 

Last night we had a huge lightning storm. If you look at the weather app, it's supposed to rain aaaaaall week. So, here comes autumn! This autumn is huge for me. It will mark one complete year of my newsletter! 

I share these letters so they coincide with the seasons and have started to make them more personal. This autumn I'm looking forward to sharing about a woman in education whom I admire, who inspires me, and who's got both beauty and brains- my mother. 

I would like to welcome you to sign up via the following link: 

See you on September 22, the official first day of autumn, straight into your digital postbox. 


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