Hi, I'm Kat! 

Originally from South Texas, I am a Mexican-American actress, producer, and writer living in the United Kingdom. My recent credits include playing Sofia for Park Beyond (Bandai Namco), Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 (Ubisoft), and producing Animal Husbandry for The New York International Fringe Festival.  

At my 9th birthday party, all planned by me, my classmate Carlos gave me my very first diary. (It even had a key!) This is where my pleasure for writing began. I have written in many journals since, but it was moving to the UK that inspired me to take it to the web. And so my blog was born.  

However, this is more than just a blog. Inside these pages I share my enthusiasm for life through self-care and wellness. Because here’s the simple truth- the life you’re living in those ordinary days while you wait for the grade, the job, the promotion, “the one”- this is your actual life. And the best way to enjoy those ordinary days is by being present and truly living in them, warts and all.  

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Hope to see you there! 

xoxo, Kat 


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